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AUTOIMMUNE NEUROLOGY - Finding Colours In The World Of Grey

Holistic Neurology is an integrated approach to healing put together by a highly qualified Neurologist who is practicing for the past 37 years. It starts with a regular Neurology consultation, testing and treatment. Mainstream neurology deals with various neurological disorders for which only symptomatic treatment was available. Last decade witnessed a breakthrough with the discovery of autoantibody and genetic testing so that we have a deeper level of diagnosis and treatment possibilities. For example, Epilepsy is treated with anti-epileptic drugs for symptomatic relief. With the new discovery of autoantibody attacking the brain, a deeper level of diagnosis, as to the cause of the epilepsy is available. The implication of this is that Autoimmune Epilepsy can be treated more effectively with immunotherapy. These specialised tests are now available in the market although expensive.  Practice of Autoimmune Neurology is like finding color in a world of grey. To learn more, download my slide set – Autoimmune Neurology.



SOURCE OF AUTOIMMUNITY - Leaky Gut & Immuno-inflammation

The Holistic aspect unique to our program, is that we try to evaluate further to find out source of the problem eg. source of autoimmunity. Testing for presence of chronic inflammation in the body and the source of autoimmunity in the body is worthwhile. Some cases, we find the normal food items that we eat are considered enemy and attacked by the immune system in our gut. This can be tested in the blood to detect IgG antibody to 221 food items. In my case, this test was positive for white of egg but not for the yolk. I also have intolerance to Casein in the milk and wheat gluten. So, if I avoid the food items which are positive, I can reduce the source of inflammation in my body and stop the trigger for autoimmune neurological condition. To learn more, download my slide set – Leaky Gut & Immuno – Inflammation

CHRONIC STRESS (Chronic Reversed Polarity) & Vagus Nerve Activation

The Consciousness-based healing, we fondly call Soul-Medicine start with evaluation for Chronic stress. Chronic Reversed Polarity (CRP) is an alternative medicine concept discovered by Keith Smith from California with whom I had opportunity to work with for about 5 years, by referring patients with multiple sclerosis who does not respond to immunotherapy. Chronic stress or CRP is a shift in the polarity of the body that changes the way electrical conduction flows through the cells. Our body has a north and south pole, just as the earth does. When something causes a shift in our system, (usually a traumatic or stressful event in one’s life) our axis also changes, thus your poles have reversed, and your body cannot operate in the most perfect way. Now we have scientific evidence for Chronic stress at the source of metabolic syndrome which is the risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. Our program includes Vagus Nerve activation with simple breathing & yogic techniques and Spirulina which can heal this condition. To Learn more, download my slide set – Chronic Stress and Vagus Nerve activation



HIDDEN AGENDA - Why people don’t heal and how they can.

We include an awareness program for Chronic Illness – Why people don’t heal and how they can. Hidden Agenda or Racket of the mind involves subconscious behaviour habits – Sickness behaviour. For example, I have seen this phenomenon with chronic headache patients. There are rewards for being sick. People pay attention to us; they give us affection; they care for us. It feels really good in certain ways to be sick, as much as it may be bad in others. Being sick, including having headaches, may be an impediment to treatment response; some people can’t let go of their headaches because of the benefits of attention and affection that their headaches bring to them. So, sometimes these items, these hidden agendas, are reasons for treatment failure. Once this is brought to light, patients can make a choice to heal, create a pure intent for healing.


The Human Akash can be defined as that which represents all the energy of your past expressions (past lives) on Earth.  Your personal Akash is stored in several places, the most important place being your own DNA (Quantum field around DNA). It is a profound energy that is generated with each Human lifetime and contains the details of every unique life expression you have had (past lives). Akashic Inheritance refers to what you inherit from your Akash (past life experiences). Specifically, that which carries over into your current life (such as, fear of water if you drowned in the past life or talent of a prodigy singer). Also known as karma, Akashic templates are mostly negative patterns in a vicious circle broadcast as emotions and thoughts at cellular level. This chronic stress is the source of disease. Quantum physics is now telling us that we can rewrite our past (Retro-causality) and create a new future. We can guide you with specific consciousness-based Apps designed for this purpose.

Please note that Akashic inheritance is different from genetic inheritance. Even the genetic disorders can be healed through epigenetic processes. That is why, your DNA is not your destiny. The new field of epigenetics is showing how your environment and your choices can influence your genetic code – and that of your kids.




Our physical body (computer) is run by our body-intelligence software is called Innate. This smart-body is contained within our personal quantum field. Innate is responsible for spontaneous remission / instant healing. The Innate represents the bridge between our cellular structure, our DNA, and our consciousness, and so is an inseparable part of us. However, because of our low awareness (mass consciousness) communication with Innate was poorly developed. As our consciousness (Awareness) is expanding / evolving in the new energy, it is possible to communicate with the Innate through quantum affirmations to create a spontaneous remission or healing without medicines. However, it takes some training to communicate with our quantum fields. We can guide you with specific Apps designed for this purpose. Most of this knowledge was given to the planet by KRYON channelled by Lee Carroll that fills dozens of books over past 30 years (Kryon.com)


Your chronic illness is an opportunity for your personal transformation. “Neurons which fire together wire together” forms the basis of your habits and behavior. Your personality creates your personal reality. So, if you want a new reality (new life) you need to create a new personality or a new way of being. This process involves personal transformation and genesis of a new human-being. Explore: Landmark Worldwide programs. Ultimate solace for all suffering will be to discover your true-self. That which we cannot cure can be healed. Deep acceptance training could provide much relief. From a practical standpoint, we can guide you with preparations one can make for one’s death and assist someone who is dying, and we can continue to support their journey even after death. This program involves appropriate referral to our healers & programs.