Dr. Joshy's Holistic Neurology Store

Dr. Joshy’s Holistic Neurology Store is like a health store for your soul. It is very good for your Body of Consciousness. Browsing through the Store you can see the services and Powerpoint Presentation with images and linked video clips. After payment, you can download the folder and play the PPT from within the folder so that the video clips will play properly.

Consultation Fee

Holistic Neuro Program Consulting

  • Tests for Autoimmune/ Genetic cause for your condition
  • Immunotherapy and Biologicals Prescription
  • Chronic Inflammation in the Body
  • Getting to the source of Autoimmunity
  • Testing for Food Intolerance in your Diet / Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Alternative Medicine Guidance
  • Quantum Healing
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Consultation Fee

Neurology Consultation

  • Headache - Migraine
  • Seizure, Fits - Epilepsy
  • Paralysis - Stroke
  • Slowness, Hand Tremor- Parkinson’s Disease
  • Botox Injection - Dystonia & Movement Disorders
  • Tingling Sensation Soles & Palms - Neuropathy
  • Muscle Weakness – Myasthenia
  • Muscle Thinning - Motor Neuron Disease
  • Imbalance – Ataxia, Vertigo
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Autoimmune Neurology Slide Set & Leaky Gut & Immuno-Inflammation


Soul Medicine - Core Topics

  • Chronic Stress & Chronic Reversed Polarity
  • Vagus Nerve Activation
  • Innate – Your smart body
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Soul Medicine - Advanced Topics

  • Conscious Breath
  • Neuroscience and Transformation
  • Brain dedicated to Survival
  • Actionable  Access to Consciousness
  • Life Lessons, Karma Release & Awakening Zone
  • Relationships- Making them Work
  • The Energy of Abuse & Loving Yourself
  • Aspectology - Integrating your Aspect Selves
  • Personal Integrity: Access to Performance
  • DNA – The seat of your Soul
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Case-Based Neurology For Doctors

60 Case-presentations. 175 Video clips & 200 Images

The Clinical, Practice-oriented Guidance You Need !

Learning for Interns, PGs & Practicing Physicians

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