Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine (Mind-Body Medicine)

Quantum healing (Deepak Chopra)

  • Mind comes before matter. (Mind=Consciousness=Awareness)
  • The body is fluid and dynamic, not fixed and determined.
  • Consciousness can change physics, our mental choices originate the messages that change organs, tissues, & cells.
  • Genes express whatever a person desire (Epigenetics)
  • Genes operate through switches that the mind can access.
  • The mind-body system is a feedback loop where input and output have many determinants, including lifestyle, environment, behavior, beliefs, and past conditioning.
  • Through self-care, a higher state of wellbeing is attainable. Self-care makes daily use of the mind-body feedback loop.
  • Ultimately, the evolution of future humanity depends on internal balance (homeostasis) that is balanced with the whole ecology of the planet.
Soul-Medicine is about
creating peace in your hearts